Saturday, May 20, 2017

Letting Go

by Nina Graff - Used by permission

The lilac photo is from our farm that we sold a few years back. I went to visit yesterday and they have a new baby (#5!)  I asked before I came if I could dig a shoot from a couple of lilacs? There are 5 different ones there. This beautiful double purple one in the photo was CHOPPED DOWN!  Just because he didn't want it there!

Oh my, the whole place was in shambles. Really. Broken windows, falling boards, the yard a MESS. But I did get to dig a few lilac shoots that were popping up.

I drove away realizing that the things we build up in this life are nothing more than sand castles. We can enjoy the building....BUT they can be dismantled in one big wave.  It's only the things we build for eternity that last.

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