Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Object Lessons

by Lois Breneman,© 1999

I found this experiment in a book when our children were young and made up the object lesson. Kids love to see this done and take part in it. Fill a serving bowl with tap water. Sprinkle pepper over the top of the water. Dip a bar of soap into the center of the water, and you will see the pepper go quickly to the sides of the bowl. (Explain how the pepper represents friends and those around us. The bar of soap represents us when we are unkind, selfish or mean---no one wants to be around us!)

Next drop a heaping spoonful of sugar into the center of the bowl. The pepper will come to the center again. (Explain how when we apologize or when we are kind, unselfish and caring of others, they want to be around us and be friends with us.)

This can be repeated a few times by dipping the bar of soap into the water again and adding more sugar, but the more it is done, the more sugar you need.

That sounds like another lesson ~~ If we are habitually unkind, selfish or mean, it is harder to get our friends to "come back," just like it is harder to get the pepper back! Trust has to be earned by our friends and family.

by Lois Breneman - 1999

Look for object lessons in everyday life. One example the Lord gave me to share with my children happened when pouring juice from a can. Puncture only *one* side of the top of a 46 ounce can of juice. Pour juice into a glass. It doesn't pour very well. (That is how our lives are when we don't include the Lord.) Now puncture the opposite side as well and pour. The juice flows freely. (When we have the Lord by our side in life, because we have asked Him to be our personal Savior, and allow Him to go before us, things go much better.)

Explain to your child that God doesn't always keep us from trouble, but when we put our faith and trust in Him, He walks through it with us! 

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